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Features to Look For In Top Grade Electric Motors

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If finding the best electric motor for your machinery is on your mind, you need to check the specifications of the motors. Every machine or device performs according to its specifications and features. Hence, considering the same is essential if you want the best results.


Here are some of the features you must consider before buying an electric motor, AC, DC, or any other variety. Shri Rang Enterprise is one of the industry-leading electric motor manufacturers that develop premium quality electric motors, fitting for all types of industries.

Nominal Voltage

DC motors find wide application in several industries. It is the spread of its sector-specific application contour that makes diversification necessary. A single variety of DC motors cannot suffice the varying requirement of all the sectors using it.

Hence, the nominal voltage remains one of the specifications that you must consider before buying. While some motors feature a high nominal voltage, some feature a moderate one. You should choose, depending on your requirement.

Horsepower Rating

The horsepower rating of a motor refers to the level of nominal work a motor is capable of doing. A combination of torque and speed can also be a scale for measuring horsepower rating. Some manufacturers also fix it depending on the watts or horsepower potential.

No matter what, you must consider the horsepower rating of a motor before buying without any fail. Also, get to know if the motor is capable of performing at different load points or not. A little under load or overload should be OK with a motor if you are looking for the fittest choice.

Rated Speed

The Rated speed of the motor is another aspect that you should consider before buying a motor. While different applications require differently capable motors, you need to be sure about the rated speed of the one you are buying.

If you need an adjustable motor with varying loads during an application, you need motors, which withstand load variations. Also, some motors exhibit the quality of speed adjustment throughout an application. If you do not require a uniform speed of the motor throughout an application, this variety can be much useful to you.

Duty Cycle

When current passes through the DC motors, it generates heat. Consequently, the motors grow hot, and the same can be detrimental to the functioning of the motor. Ideally, the temperature should stabilize within an hour, but you need a better horsepower motor if it does not. To keep your machine performing optimally, check the duty cycle carefully to avoid interruptions.

Stall Torque

Stall torque refers to the maximum level of torque a motor offers with its shaft not rotating. If stall torque continues for more than a few seconds, this will probably subject the motor to irreparable damages. Hence, opt for a motor with no or little stall torque.

Though different industries and different machines require different motors, these are some of the features that are common to every variety when it comes to gauging the efficiency of the motors.

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